Vina Pharmacy has been an essential health resource for the residents of Parkdale for over 25 years. Being family owned and independently operated has allowed us to provide unique individualized care plans for our patients. We understand that each patient will have unique needs and we find great joy in fulfilling them.

  • Community

    We are very aware of our potential to play a positive role in our community. We have established partnerships and initiatives with a number of community organizations including Loft Services, West Neighbourhood House, MacDonnell Home, Parkdale Community Health Center, PARC, YMCA and various shelters.

  • Education

    We also strong supporters of the profession of pharmacy. We regularly have pharmacy interns or students from The University of Toronto or Waterloo at our pharmacy to learn and to practice their skills.

  • Expect more from your local pharmacy!

    We are proud of what we have accomplished and we are eager to continue to make an impact in our community and in our patients. We would be honored for the opportunity to prove to you how highly dedicated we are at providing the best care and service.